Hot Springs Cove – Returning after 25 Years

My husband and I recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We decided to return to our honeymoon spot, Tofino, BC to celebrate together. On our honeymoon, my husband had arranged for us to go to Hot Springs Cove, a natural geothermal spring which is unique as the hot springs flow down a series of pools and meet the Pacific Ocean. The ocean tides flow into the pools cooling down the hot water. You can reach Hot Springs Cove via boat or float plane, docking about 2 kilometres away from the Hot Springs and reaching it then via a beautiful boardwalk trail through the forest.

Twenty five years ago, Tofino, was much less discovered and Hot Springs Cove was not yet popular with tourists.  We were much less prepared for outdoor adventures at the time and I was ill prepared for the slippery boardwalk leading through the coastal forest. I remember slipping and sliding and falling several times along the way.  But the Hot Springs were free of other humans and we had an enjoyable time in the mineral waters. I have looked fondly back on these memories over the year.

So, it was with great excitement that we set off, this time on a float plane to Maquinna Marine Park. It’s a 15 minute plane ride to the Park and the views are spectacular, and really this is the way to go if you can do it. We arrived midafternoon which was great because many of the charter boats leave by about 3 pm and so most of the tourist were leaving as we were walking in. This way we could spend some time enjoying this amazing place on our own.  It’s rare that you can return to a beloved spot years later to still be blown away by it’s beauty. I’m so grateful we could go back and thrilled to spend time there with my one and only 25 years later.

Gorgeous boardwalk
Blue Jay
Stellers Jay along the way
Our float plane leaving

Hot Springs

Hot Springs Cove
My husband enjoying a soak in the pools

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Lennard Island Lighthouse
Lennard Lighthouse




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