2015 Canadian Rockies Calendar

Hey folks,

I’m so neglectful in keeping this blog updated regularly.  My only excuse is raising a family and the craziness that comes with that.

Some of you may know that we spent about 3 weeks travelling in the Canadian Rockies this summer.  If you haven’t made that trip yet, I highly recommend it.  It blew my socks off! Totally amazing scenery, and I hope to return before too long.

I am making available some of my favourite images from the trip in a calendar which is available on my Redbubble site at this address:


A few of the images are included in this post. But you can see each photo I’ve included by clicking on the link.

If you are a local from Victoria, BC area, I will be placing an order early next week for local pickup so you can save on the shipping. The cost will be $30 Canadian. Please message me to let me know and I will add to the order accordingly.

Thank you to each and every one of you for following our adventures. I wish you a fantastic day and thank you for your support!

Emerald Lake The Hanging Valley Inviting DSC07905

Have a great day!


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