Fallen Behind

Life has been very busy, and my good intentions of updating this blog once a week have fallen by the wayside.  But, here’s a little update on what’s going on in my world of photography.

Firstly, I’m taking a photography course at the local college. It is an intermediate course covering off such things as flash, and the Zone system. We’re also assigned a theme each week, so it gets me out shooting in that theme. Our images get critiqued by our instructor, which is a little scary (terrifying actually) but the only way you get better is by hearing the good, the bad and the ugly! I’m also connecting with other local photographers. It gets the creative juices flowing! So, in one of our sessions I mentioned to one of the other photogs my interest in one day getting a film camera. She said she had an extra and so a deal was struck! Next class she brings this baby . . .

Pentax Spotmatic

It’s a Pentax Spotmatic with a couple lenses, extension tubes, and a bunch of other goodies! So I’m geeking out over my first film SLR!! It’s older than I am, but seems to work alright. I had to take it down to a local camera shop to get the battery compartment open as it was corroded up, and the light meter wouldn’t work. Ten minutes later, they had it cleaned up and it works! I have yet to have my first roll processed as I’m still working on it, but I like the way shooting film forces you to slow down and think about your shots. I also taught my daughter how to use it so here’s a photo of her shooting with it.

Film Camera Lessons

I’ve also been saving for a new Ultra Wide-Angle lens and finally had enough (and it was on SALE!) so I got the Sony SEL 10-18 F4. I’ve been testing it out of late. Here’s a few shots with the lens:

Taken at Cattle Point in Victoria, BC. I’ve been working at these long exposure shots to improve in this area of photography.



Taken at Cattle Point in Victoria, BC.
Taken at Cattle Point in Victoria, BC.

Cadboro Bay
Taken at Cadboro Bay

Dancing Magenta
Taken at Cattle Point in Victoria, BC

Pop of Colour
Mount Douglas, Victoria, BC

Mount Douglas Sunset

So far the lens is sharp and I like it. The wide angle is something to get used to but I think it’s a keeper!

I’m on Instagram now and have a separate account for my photography. You can find me at: Carrie Cole Photography

So that’s a wrap for now! Thanks for taking the time folks!


6 thoughts on “Fallen Behind

  1. You make our Victoria so beautiful and inviting with your pictures. Makes me want to do some more exploring. Thanks for sharing your adventures in “film”.


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