I really can’t describe it any other way. Since I spied this tree at Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary, I have been obsessed with it. I especially like the way it looks this time of year, and I finally made time to go shoot it on a foggy afternoon with my favourite photographer, my daughter.

Someone has hung a bicycle in the tree from cables, complete with fake flowers in the spokes.  My daughter and I imagined who had done that and why. Was it part of a movie, or a photo shoot? How would a model get on the bicycle. A long ladder or a climb up the gnarly oak tree?

We were visited by neighbourhood black cat, who took a liking to my tripod of all things. Skit scat cat, as I was not looking to move my tripod nor have it come down in the muddy bog.

We enjoyed seeing the Canada geese move through the tall grass with little more than their heads poking up above the grass. My daughter was equipped with a 35mm lens rather than a zoom, and it became a stealthy game to try to get closer to the geese for a shot.

I am thrilled my daughter shares my passion for photography, but not surprised, for she is very creative and has a good eye. I’m enjoying sharing my knowledge, and all and all an enjoyable afternoon for both!

Obsession DSC02113 DSC02120 DSC02141-Edit-2-Edit Bicycle in a Tree Swan Lake Bridge


Summer Wanderings

Last summer we set off on a three week family adventure covering over 4500 kilometres! With two kids stuck in the back seat some might envision a Griswald Family Adventure and at times it felt like it. The opportunity to wander through Olympic National Park in Washington State, drive down the Oregon Coast, swing by the California Redwoods, and then be blown away with the vastness of Crater Lake was too much to pass up! So we ventured off our our annual summer travels with lots of snacks, our GPS, and a few movies to avoid 3 year old meltdowns!

I had opportunity to write about our crazy adventure for Wanderer Magazine. The editor happens to be a friend I went to high school with, Tracey Heppner. She’s a really cool girl, and amazingly awesome photographer too! Check out the magazine here:


A few of my favourite photos from the trip:


I’m in the planning stages of this years adventure, through the Canadian Rockies!!! Stay tuned for more details.